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[eng trans] 23/12/2010 Seung Gi’s 2nd message at official website

Merry christmas

Merry christmas~~!! year 2010 Christmas

 Hope that our AIREN will have a happy and warm Christmas Eve and Christmas..!!

Spend your day with family or lover or friends happily..Create precious/beautiful memories…~~^^

i..have….. to…. work ㅠㅠ

Everyone count my part in together and have fun!! merry merry merry christmas~~~~^^!!

Photos are not allowed to be uploaded at other sites …(keke…according to Seung Gi’s first message to airens) so for those who want to see Seung Gi’s photos please visit www.leeseunggi.com  ^^

eng translation lsgairenint and cheongyp based on chinese trans from joanne at china cafe

Tomorrow is my birthday too….keke….Merry christmas to Seung Gi and all Airens  ^______^ Seung Gi will be shooting 1n2d on 24th and 25th…and on 25th night,he will be attending KBS entertainment awards …..

His first message at the official website


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