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[fan account] Lee Seung Gi The King 2hearts shooting

Today I need to go to my in-law’s house in Anseong.
Came out after lunch at about 3 something
I went to The King shooting location through the information provided by someone. Studio is really big. Saw The King’s bus at the car park, so I confidently went in.
I brought my 2 middle school children along,my second daughter really likes Lee Seung Gi.

The staffs were walking around. Therefore I was afraid that they will ask us to go out.
Not to mention about my daughter who kept on pulled and asked me to leave
At this moment I saw a white van, stylist was busy and someone was looking at the mirror…It’s Lee Yoon Ji..very pretty, just like in TV
I was thinking to myself there should be shooting today
Just like this 1 minute passed,
Suddenly there was 1 black van at the entrance~ it’s Lee Seung Gi’s van.

I arrived less than 5 minutes
Saw his tall manager
I asked his another manager :Is Lee Seung Gi here too?He said yes
Then I touched my handphone,as a result he coolly told me not to think of taking photos
I quietly walked to and fro beside the car, although quite embarrassed but I still hold on.

After a while, in my opposite direction, there was someone~ Just got down for a while and already entered the studio entrance. 
Really long legs and very slim body
Small face, big eyes
I eagerly shouted “ Seung Gi sshi,really looking forward to your drama”
He looked at our direction , smiled brightly and said“Thank you”
I said again “ Please have a good shooting,my daughter is a fan of yours,can you shake hand with her?”
“This is a bit difficult”he laughed
Then he disappeared into the studio
Even so, I am really grateful and really excited 

My daugther is now regretting that she didn’t speak to Seung Gi,
She was afraid that she will be ignored, but Seung Gi is really very friendly.

Seung Gi looked a bit pale and tired.
His face is very small,his body is thin, when he walks, there is a look of great force!! Dare not simply make conversation. My daughter told me that~ 

Mum how could you dare talk to him (by shouting - The fan is quite far from Seung Gi), really remarkable!

eng trans lsgairenint based on chinese trans of  小星  at baidu tieba

source: dclsg

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